CWT Services  

With CWT Farms as your hatching egg producer,
you can avoid the significant investment of purchasing and maintaining breeder flocks. You can also supplement your own production to help meet increasing demands. Through our dedication to superior health standards, and the experience of our people and quality of our hatching eggs, you can depend on CWT to strengthen your company’s profitability.

CWT has the resources, facilities and dedicated people to meet your needs and expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for rearing pullets and hens and find out how CWT can help meet your needs long term or short term. CWT will tailor a program to accommodate any situation.

We offer several custom services

  • Pullet Rearing
  • Hen Housing
  • Hatching Egg Delivery
  • Flock Management
  • Feed Manufacturing and Delivery
  • Secure Area for Shipping

Count on CWT to strengthen your company’s profitability.