Broiler Hatching Eggs  

CWT Farms’ main focus is to produce and supply quality hatching eggs to the broiler industry.
The key to achieving this goal is the quality of our breeding stock. With access to all major breeding stock companies, we have the ability to source the right breeds for all our customer’s needs. From leading edge construction and equipment of the houses, to precise flock management by our experienced staff, CWT applies the most advance techniques to maintain top performance of flocks. Our hatching eggs will provide chicks that yield the best results giving our customers the return in investment that is expected.

A superior hatching egg requires superior handling. To support this, CWT producers have made significant investments in facility improvements. Through years of experience and research, CWT has developed handling and shipping controls that are second to none. Hatching eggs are transported in specially designed boxes and then placed in refrigerated trailers to be transported directly to distribution points across North America. CWT continually evaluates the specific needs of each customer to determine the best possible method of delivery.

CWT also has the ability to source Turkey and Layer hatching eggs to meet customer needs. Turkey poults are also available.

CWT understands your needs. Our multi-lingual staff is always ready to answer your questions and discuss any aspect of your poultry operation anywhere in the world.