CWT Farms History  

CWT Farms International Inc.
was organized in 1958 in Gainesville, Georgia and comprised of three separate firms: Twin Oaks Hatchery, A.C. Smith Milling Company and Bruce and Wilson Company. All were selling broilers in the Georgia market to any and all processors. The original owners were Mr. John Cromartie, Mr. Max Ward and Mr. Tankersley, hence the CWT name.

In 1959 a broiler processing unit was added to the company. This unit, known as Mar-Jac, was sold in 1977 to the SAAR (Saudi Arabia) Foundation. HFC Feeds, a large feed mill, was formed at the same time as the broiler processing unit, and a mill was constructed in 1966. It was also sold to the SAAR Foundation in 1977.

A vaccine laboratory and manufacturing unit, Select Labs, was established in the late 1970’s. It originally focused on Marek’s disease control vaccines. This company was subsequently sold to the Rhone-Polenc Group. It is currently owned by Merial.

CWT Farms, Inc. was purchased by the Arbor Acres broiler breeder division of Booker, London, England in 1989. The Arbor Acres Division was sold to BC Partners, a private investment company, and combined with Ross Breeders Ltd. (a previous acquisition) into the Aviagen Group, the largest producer of broiler breeders in the world in 1999. The Aviagen Group changed ownership in 2003 when Advent International purchased it from BC Partners. Advent sold the group to Erich Wesjohann GMBH & CO. KG (the Erich Wesjohann Group) the leader in the poultry egg science industry.

CWT’s business has evolved over the years and is currently dedicated to the production of high standard broiler hatching eggs for customers all over the world. The majority of CWT’s business is done in North America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. Other markets served are Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. CWT produces hatching eggs of the breeds specified by its customers.

Feed Source
CWT Farms sources its feed needs from its wholly owned Gainesville feed mill.

Purchase of Breeder Parent Stock
CWT purchases breeder parent stock from the major primary breeder companies, Aviagen (Ross) and Cobb-Vantress (Cobb), according to placements needed to supply contract customers with their requested choice of broiler breed.