Health • Nutrition • Bio-Security  

CWT understands that breeder nutrition and welfare are vital to producing healthy flocks.
The nutritional profile of feed received by all CWT flocks is monitored to ensure that birds receive the proper diet to maximize the performance and quality of broiler chicks. Sanitary conditions are monitored continuously, and only the highest standards are tolerated.

Our feed is produced at CWT Feed Mill
giving us the ability to ensure we use the best available ingredients. For these reasons, CWT eggs give you the maximum payback in superior hatchability, genetic potential and production of high quality, viable chicks.

Biosecurity is an extremely important aspect of CWT’s operation,
and our customers can be certain we are able to meet even the most stringent of biosecurity requirements. We are proud to be accredited by National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and are dedicated to continuous improvement in biosecurity methods and techniques.

CWT Farms International, Inc. is proud of its long and successful history. For 52 years we have earned the trust and respect of the poultry industry due to the exceptional quality and performance of our hatching eggs, superior health standards and the people behind our products.